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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
4 years and still going strong ♥

4 years have passed since we started being together. As time slowly passes by, I saw you, my darling, changed for the better for me, and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

I wouldn't write into so much details about what happened over the 4 years as I think it'll be better for it to remain as a memory for both of us.

Happy 4th Anniversary, my dear
I thank you for everything.

For the love and care you have for me,
For all the little things that you do,
For the continuous attention you've showered upon me,
For the endless gifts you've pampered me with.

Just to see that smile on my face,
And ensure that am safe and sound,
You'd go through everything,
And never once complained.

You shower me with your unconditional love,
And touched me with everything you've done,
I just want you to know,
I cherish everything you've done for me.

Eventhough we aren't like the rest,
With chances to celebrate our special day of the year together,
Even after all these years,
But it's the little moments that count.

Every day spent with you seem like a new day to me,
An anniversary,
Each special in their own ways.
I'm glad that we are getting comfortable with each other, and that we don't get embarassed around each other eventhough the situation is suppose to get awkward.

I hope that you are happy with me all through the 4 years.

I'd also like you to know that I don't regret being wth you baby, and I hope we'll remain together forever and the feelings won't change.

I like that cute little smile of yours that shines with genuine happiness over the smallest things.

And also the fact that you speak to me in that angelic innocent tone, and remain patient with me through the times that am mad.

To snuggle and hug you tight close to me and feel that shampoo smell.

To wake you up and see that lazy cute expression on your face.

To have your hugs and kisses, and know that everything will be all right, cause I have you by my side.

It breaks my heart to see you sad, cause of the things I have done to upset you in the past, though they were not on purpose, but I gotta say am sorry.

You've made a huge impact on me, love, please remember that, and don't think of yourself as a useless bf, cause by truth, you are everything a girl would ever dream of, and am lucky to have you :)

Yours forever,

Monday, October 12, 2009
back to uni ♥

hey everyone!!

sorry for de late updates!! as I was busy all de time, and no time for blogging.. we had our semester break for 2 weeks and uni is starting again today!! sleepy... plus, lotzz of work not done yet.. on 27th october, was our 'Malaysia Festival' held in Sydney, got to see many malaysians overthere, but not sure where are they from actually.. FINALLY!! i get to see 100plus!!!! OMG, missed it so much!!! den only I know, 100plus can only be found in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore!! tat's wat i saw from de label.. and is only AUD1 per can.. super cheap.. kinda regret din buy one whole box back..

100plus!!! i still have one can in my fridge.. LOL...

group pic of us.. HuaiXin, KokChin, WeiRen, Judy, WanLu

spent one week in Adelaide later for vacation.. with Jasmine, Ryan and Norman.. was there for our dearly WeiXue's birthday!! not forgetting to mention meetings with SiewLeng, JyeYee, WenQin and SzeChing.. we traveled around many parts of Adelaide (besides Kangaroo Island i suppose)..

during the first day, we rented 3 cars, and guess wat?? de next morning, one of the car's number plates are missing!! not only one side, BUT both sides!! OMG... we were all so worried anything's gonna happen.. but luckily it didnt affect our trip.. we went to VictorHarbour, Hahndorf (famous for its town n german sausages), BarossaValley (biggest vineyard i've ever seen besides HunterValley), AdelaideHills, Glenelg (famous beach + fish n chips), Adelaide Botanic Gardens (lose to Sydney Botanic Gardens, haha), HarbourTown (shopping shopping and shopping), Rundle Mall (famous shopping area too), and lotzz more.. not forgetting University of Adelaide (visited de so called HarryPotter library??) as well as UNISA (University of South Australia).. surprise to see both unis juz next to each other.. LOL.. hmm.. and celebrated MoonCake Festival at Elders Park.. celebrated WeiXue's birthday on de day itself by his first surprise from us (me, WeiRen, WenQin, JyeYee).. weixue wore the shirt bought by me n weiren!! nice nice?? LOL.... and at night, we had bbq at Village..

the girls


the guys

♥ ♥

photo taken from WenQin n JyeYee's facebook.. there're 12 of us during the first day, after tat, we've got our own plan..

[ weiren bought wanlu a kangaroo!!! from IKEA.. =P ]

i'm still resizing pictures, as i've got other work to do, so didnt have time to resize them and post them up to blog or facebook.. will do it by the end of this week hopefully..

first week of uni, and i've got tones of work to do.. slept at 4am this morning as IRHR1001 assignment is due.. tomolo ACFI1002 and ACFI2005 test... wednesday ECON1002 assignment due.. thursday ACFI1002 assignment due.. OMG!!! so much to do!!! cries...... sniff sniff... end of year exam starts 10th November.. and my paper is ending on 24th November.. so long.. SAD, while de rest finish earlier... havent plan schedule for the three months break... anyone has any plan yet??

will blog when i've de time.. sleepy... gonna get ready for my first class now.. den after lecture, going to airport to fetch our dear Vivian back!! =D