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Sunday, August 30, 2009
SingaporeNight ♥

Singapore celebrated it's 44th birthday on 9th August 2009.. Singapore Association - University of Newcastle (SAUN), organized a party to celebrate Singapore's birthday at Wests - Impression Ballroom tat night.. de food was not bad tat night.. there're around 100 people who attended this dinner.. there're games, presentations, lucky draws and performances tat night..

finally, group picture


for more pictures, visit my facebook page.. =)

Thursday, August 27, 2009
updates; bdayzz ♥

here wanlu comes, for more updates!! havent been blogging for quite some time.. i apologize, as was busy with assignments, n works, n others... juz finished my finance test, macroeconomics test.. n so happy to be able to change my IRHR timetable.. de tutor, hai~ don wanna say d.. sad thing nia.. if wanna know only ask me personally..

let's see.. lastweek was quite a busy week for me, besides test.. had quite a number of things to do actually.. a lot of things happen here, but i dunno where should i start.. might juz jump around here n there.. hahaha.. let's talk about bday post here.. us, being here for almost half year, had been to 2 birthday parties... let de pictures represent de rest.. =)

2nd August 2009
HappyBirthday to VivianYeo

(as well as LiTee)

Vivian, met de real her on her birthday itself.. studying first year in Bachelor of Nutrition... heard her name over n over again from my housemate, VivianChew.. (notice, both Vivian... hehe) hmm, guess wat?? de bday girl VivianYeo is also from Brunei!!! she's Bruneian, from Tutong... no wonder I never met her before in brunei.. hahaha, but now, finally found one friend from brunei d.. hehe

Vivian's bday cake.. nice horr??

bday girl, with her cake..

I know i kept taking pictures of de cake..
but, de cake's really nice looking, isn't it??

photo-taking time!!

some of us..

bruneian + malaysian + hongkong-ian + vietnam-ian.. LOL


washing de plates.. WeiRen & Kenneth

with de japanese girls..

tat's de first bday party...
secondly, comes to friend from penang..

16th August 2009
Happy Birthday to YikRen

YikRen, heard his name before from UPO Karen... guess wat?? YikRen's de first friend i met in Newcastle.. coz de first day WeiRen n I reached Newcastle, he drove his car to our place waiting for us, telling us some stories about Newcastle, and brought us around... so nice of him bringing us around n telling us where to shop, wat to eat, n many others.. studying Bachelor of Engineering, twinning from Inti Penang.. ^^

part of de food, prepared by YikRen himself..

YikRen, with a balloon with his face drawn by ppl..

his bday cake, made by SheeLing

donut bday cake.. msia should plan this as bday cake.. LOL

his guestbook.. HappyBirthday!!

from penang..

cutting cake..

finally, US...
i know my photographing skill very bad..

Monday, August 17, 2009
Happy Birthday Adeleen n Sean =) ♥

May all your wishes come true on this very special day.
Enjoy it well.
Just remember,
No matter what,
When you feel down or lonely,
We are always here for you :)
We are just a click away on MSN or facebook,
Or perhaps a phone call away,
Whatever it might be,
Please don't forget,
You have us :D

The times we had,
The joy and laughter,
Or bad times we've been through,
Will always be cherished,
It brought us together,
Closer than ever,
Although it has all turned into memories,
You will always be in our hearts.

Hehe, and P.S: Happy Birthday Mr Sean S'ng LOL

May both of you have a blast for your special day but don't blast the cake like the dude below did. XD

Monday, August 10, 2009

Updates for the past 2 weeks.

Kuok is sick, I think I passed it to him since he looked after me last week, therefore I should like get the best award for Worst GF in the world. While that poor little thing has been treating me so well and doing all the cooking and cleaning, this is what he gets in return, pitiful soul. LOL

The whole of last week just seem to pass so quickly, with very little lessons going on.. Nothing much happen. Hence the lack of news updates.

Went out with Kelly last Monday to shoe-hunt at Midvalley. All around we walked;
You name it and we were there; Nike, Adidas, Sketchers, Puma, Reebok, Converse and the list goes on. We tried dresses too. :)
All the walking make us build up an apetite so took a break and headed to Secret Recipe. We wanted to pay and were waiting there for a super long time yet no one bothered. Lousy service, 1/10 from me pfft~ Think they even thought the customers from one table left, which so happened to be us standing right in front of them.
To digress,
Appetising isn't it, my chocolate walnut brownie.Then we walked again in search of the 'perfect' shoe. We even headed to the Gardens. Had dinner at Sushi Zanmai before heading home. Rm12.90, was worth it. Uber full just by one bowl.

2days later, went out for movie mania with Audrey and KahLian, the place we're going is... Midvalley again. Watched Taking of Pelham 123 and the 3D version of IceAge3. Both movies were not bad, but it's kinda not worth the money to watch the 3D. Oh well, we just went for it cause KahLian and I wanted to try the 3D. HAHA. Went to Sushi Zanmai again for lunch.
*huff puff* and so I tried the second unagi promotion below which costs rm8.90, not so filling but I love the soup.
In between the movies, I went to buy my shoes. Nike. Don't cha love it. Pink and purple really looks well together. hehe.We decided to have dinner at the food court there as we had to rush back in order to avoid jam at the station. I had shark fin with rice which looks more like soupy rice.Other than that, attended classes for the week.
Went for badminton tryouts, which turn out to be a bummer.
Helped Kelly to move her stuff to her new apartment.
Went to play badminton at some isolated-looking kinda place with KahLian, MayHwa and her gang. Altogether 15people using 3courts LOL. The place was like a sauna with no ventilation, but nice green carpeting. :D

That's all for now,
Will blog next about my weekend wid the bf.
Stay tuned (though you guys never tagged XD)

WeeiFoong's "new" improvised RooM ♥

Was busy over the weekend as went shopping with Kuok for new furniture and other stuff for my room, but will blog about that some other time.

Now it's just time for...

Sneak peek into the *ahem* the so called glamorous "P-I-N-K" room. Sorry about the bad image quality, was lazy to use the photos were taken using a 3.2mp phone cam.
Wait for it, wait for it.
I'm jobless, I like creating suspense over lame stuff. -.-"
Ok lah, I know it's lame and all, but still *.* PINK!!!
There you go, a clearer view of my new study table. *grins* pretty in pink~

I Will Study Hard From Now On
I hope.
Zoom in to my new white board, which YES looks like a kid's one but am a little girl so no biggie.
306 loves 039 (FYI the ones in pink is a heart)
This waste bin cost RM17.50, friggin expensive, I thought it was RM9.90 but still expensive, blame the bf for spoiling me.
Since I have a new study table, I put my shelves on the old dressing table, XD and there you have my books and other "junks" of mine. YES pink, I know.
There you have it. My lovely room.

P.S: YES Audrey, I know it's very pink (helping to reply you before you comment) LOL

Saturday, August 8, 2009
socialise... ♥

one semester has juz passed.. n wat we did was either attending class in uni or studying n wondering at home.. we din really go out much to socialise.. met quite a number of friends from different countries n yet, din take a single picture with them... tat's not wanlu right?? LOL... don ask me why.. coz i myself also dunno why...

let's see.. vivian, weiren n i decided to attend the 'Welcome Back bbq Party' organised by MySun Newcastle at NUSA.. nothing much to say about this.. juz some pictures belows so view.. =)