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31st Jan
Bachelor of Commerce
University of Newcastle
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9th Dec
Bachelor of Engineering(Civil)
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Sydney, Australia

30th June
Bachelor of Pharmacy(Mpham)
International Medical University(IMU)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3rd Sept
Bachelor of Business(Finance&Accounting)
Kolej Damansara Utama(KDU)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Monday, March 30, 2009
Sydney (1) ♥

I've been in Newcastle for one month.. and have been to Sydney city twice... de first time was during weekend, three of us went down to Sydney to meet up with Judy and KokChin, and they brought along KaiYi and another 2 friends from UNSW.. we went down by train early in de morning and went back at night.. it's a 3hours train from Newcastle to Sydney.. the second trip to Sydney was with WeiRen and his family.. his family came to Newcastle to visit us for a week while Malaysia's having their holiday.. we stayed overnight for 2dayz.. will be posting the first trip first on our first time down to Sydney..

Warabrook.. our university train station

we buy our train tickets from this machine.. =)

in Sydney city!! tat's Queen Victoria Building, the owner is from Ipoh..

the famous clock in de building, with Judy..


Sydney's tall buildings... we don really have those in Newcastle..

this is Darling Harbour.. a famous place in Sydney..

Judy with Vivian

still at Darling Harbour

nice right??

UNSW gang..

INTI HSC gang..

us again.. Vivian, Judy, me, WeiRen, KokChin

WeiRen and I, with Harbour Bridge..

Vivian and I, with Opera House..

cool right?? wanlu took this..

a lot of ppl take wedding pictures at the Botanic Garden juz right beside the Opera House.. some of them even had their wedding ceremony overthere.. some had their on de cruises.. so romantic lorr...

lastly, our group picture at de end of de day..

my place ♥

let's blog about my place today... when I reached newcastle, stayed at Handbury Lodge for a week while searching for our permanent accomodation.. during orientation week, three of us were busy searching for our place to stay.. our orientation wasnt tat interesting.. is kinda boring actually.. one week orientation, sit there listen to them talking nonstop.. we din have any games like weeifoong's.. our orientation was bored till three of us enter a while den came out d.. not we don wanna continue staying inside there to listen but it's really bored tat can make us feel sleepy.. on de other hand, we're also looking for places to stay.. after a few dayz, we finally found a place to stay.. =)

not our permanent place but temporary accomodation at Handbury Lodge

this is our new place.. consists of 5rooms.. 3 of us occupied each individual rooms while de other two belong to Jess and Megan, our house mates..

my room from de door

my study table

my colourful wardrobe..

living hall area.. I only watch "The Simpsons"

kitchen which is fully equipped..

there's a jacuzzi inside

after moving into de new house.. three of us were busy packing out our luggage and arranging them into it's new place.. after packing everything, we went to bed and de next morning, we went shopping for our new place and guess wat? first time, 3 person, in my life I see.. we pulled 3 trollies... LOL...

one thing I love here... McDonald's 30cents ice-cream!!! is only 30cents!!! and and... is very very nice... they put more vanilla compared to malaysia and brunei ones... super nice..... again, is ONLY 30CENTS!!! cheap cheap... i buy it almost every time I see it... =P

Sunday, March 29, 2009
Newcastle, Australia ♥

let's post about Newcastle today... there's nothing much here actually.. but Newcastle is famous with it's beautiful beaches.. Vivian, WeiRen and I joined our university excursion tat brought us around Newcastle city.. it's quiet, nothing much here unlike Sydney city where u can see lotzz of ppl around.. overhere, among 30ppl, u can only find one chinese while de rest are angmos... on de other hand, in Sydney is de opposite.. will post up Sydney city's pictures up soon for u guys to compare..

nice horr?? =)

Friday, March 27, 2009
Easter Day ♥

Easter Day is coming soon!! and we'll be having one week break.. Vivian's EngSiang will be coming here to celebrate with her... feel happy for her.. =) I'm still not sure where to go during Easter yet... as I'll be having 4 quiz at a time after easter break.. will see how it goes.. in supermarkets, we can see all kinds of eggs selling.. we wont be able to find any in malaysia, in brunei.. let de pictures explain de rest.. ^^

eggs eggs n eggs

Cadbury easter egg.. i like..


different kinds of chocolate brands..

big egg...

cute cute rabbit

cute right???

weeifoong remember this rabbit?

everywhere u go, u'll see different kinds of eggs selling in the supermarket... Easter will be in two weeks time.. where should I celebrate??