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Thursday, December 25, 2008
Merry Christmas ♥

Just stopping by to wish you guys a very


and also to wish Mr. Lim Hong Lee




May all your wishes come true on the very special day. Getting legal ;p don't get too naughty

P.S: Will blog more in details when I have the time

Saturday, December 20, 2008
december events ♥

hmm.. i was back in Penang late Nov.. I only go back Brunei for less den a week.. attended 3 days IELTS workshop with Adeleen, ShiongQi, SongQiang, YingTian, JieXun, WeiKhang, ShinRui, PheyChien, Kylyn, YuanYi and others. Thanks to Adeleen for booking a seat for me as I always reach there in time. after tat is our IELTS test, WeeiFoong, LiTee, JyeYee joined us.

I've been working since the time I came back to Penang... helped WeiRen's parents as their showhouse are opening, will be posting some pictures later.. and, not forgetting WeiRen's birthday!! my handmade gift for him didnt reach my expectation... sad, maybe my expectation too high d.. glad tat he loves the present.. =)

next will be Alumni Night.. bought my dress last minute.. VERY expensive dress.. don ask me de price, I feel very very guilty about it... met mostly all college friends, sadly some of them didnt attend de dinner. some ppl cant recognize me!! sniff sniff.. even lecturer also cant... do I really look tat different tat night? hmm, there're a number of performances during tat night, including games, lucky draws and some awards. Thanks a lot to SOSAM committee for organizing such great dinner.. gonna miss everyone a lot!!

Let pictures show de rest.. =)

WeiRen's Birthday

birthday cake by WeiXue n I

us celebrating at office

Alumni Night 121208
cupcakes for everyone

Alumni Night organized by SOSAM

WeiRen n I

our table =)

the guys

the lecturers who attended

gang of friends..

Marvin n I

KhengKai, HongLee, WeiRen

WeiXue MrGoh WeiRen

WeeiFoong n WanMei

ShiongQi with the girls

MrGoh's performance caused all students to get back to their seats

Kevin n WeiRen

JyeYee n WanLu

cool right??


WeiXue wanted to take pic with her so badly.. lol

Judy n I

Mei n I

WeiRen, KaiKin, Adrienne, PheyChien

Adeleen n I

friends again..

WeiRen and I again

WanLu LiTee WeeiFoong WanMei

plus Adeleen..

working at Skipton Pavilion showhouse
WeiXue in formal

us in formal

us again..

flower taller den me!! haha

WeiXue and Adeleen
WeeiFoong n Kuok

wanna play?

visit Skipton Pavilion showhouse.. see you there ^^

past events ♥

sorry for late updates... was kinda busy till no time to update the blog.. let's see.. I'm only back in Brunei for less den a week, only managed to meet a number of friends while de rest didnt know I'm back in Brunei d... also attended SAS Speech Day meeting teachers n few friends..

at Penang airport, before me n WeeiFoong left


Anna, friends for years

Michael, who juz came back from Swinburne

Michelle and Karen

SAS's Speech Day
Kylie, I love her

MrsShafee, NaiKiat, Shim

JiaYean, i love her too

tat's for Brunei... will update about December events soon... sorry for not updating for some times.. =)

Thursday, December 11, 2008
the long, awaited post ♥

Sorry for not updating for the past, hmm.. 3 weeks I guess. Life is a rush. Let me recall back what I've done for the past 3 weeks. I spent my last few days at Inti hostel which I think I would not return to again. There was all the packing to be done, after WanLu&I were done, the car was full. The few days before I go back to Brunei was rather packed with activities; driving lessons, Sean's farewell, movies, college drama(which didn't turn out right), sleepover and many more which I will not go into details. For the details, you can just click on the link to Adeleen's blog.

Back in Brunei

Spent my 2 weeks in Brunei with Kuok and my family. Sad to say, I only went out with my friends once. Pathetic, ain't it. Things just wasn't the same as before. The gap between us seem to have increased over time till there was no common topics to talk about with most of them, I guess that's what happen if there was no contact. Kuok&I went to the movies a lot. We went to Berakas Forest Reserve as well to play with the sand like little kids and cam-whoring around. That's where we got all our horrible sandfly bites as token -.-" The view was breathtaking when the sun was about to set. To prove my point, below is a picture taken by me ^^. Totally awesome right??
We played at the Seri Arcade as well. We manage to beat a basketball highscore but the score was beaten by others the next day we went. We even played the punching game. He rocks with a 999 score therefore being the high-scorer therefore being a Super Fighter while I suck scoring a 005 being awarded Baby Swing. Totally embarassing~ Then he managed to teach me the correct way so I got an Ordinary, so much better. Then we played several other games and managed to won a pair of phone ornaments as well, so adorable.
Days after that, we brought my little sister along to Muara Beach. The sun wasn't really scorching so it's fine with little puffy clouds above us. Nice weather; bright, windy without the fear of getting sun-burned. We played with the water; running and getting wet until other people started to stare at us like what's with those weirdoes? But it doesn't matter, we were having a blast. We built a giant sea turtle.
Meet Mr. Penyu
Mr. Penyu and his 'creators'
We even caught sand crabs. See if you can spot any ;) The next day, we went to Jerudong Park for a walk.
*muacks* hehe

Align Center
Back at Penang

Will be staying at Adeleen's house for my 2 weeks here. We went out, watched movie, go PC-fair etc etc. Just go to Adeleen's blog or ShiongQi's. I am lazy to get into all the details.
My current obsession: TWILIGHT

Currently, I'm reading the second book New Moon. Edward Cullen is such a dream. It has vampires and werewolves involved but it's not a horror story, more like a romantic love story.

Adeleen and I watched Twilight yesterday. Therefore I really can call this Twilight week for me hehe.

Movies I've watched recently:
1. Quantum of Solace
2. Madagascar II
3. Transporter III
4. Bolt
5. Twilight
and more that I've forgotten due to my bad memory.

Oh well, I've done my job updating. Enjoy reading!