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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
ex-HSC gathering ♥

we had our ex-HSC gathering on 10th July 2009, Friday.. we first met at Inti College to meet some Inti lecturers and found out tat all de lecturers this year had a laptop each and dey teach students using laptops now, instead of transparency with projectors.. cool right?? haha.. after tat, went to WeiRen's house for a while for de table football match with WeiXue, HongLee and ShiongQi, den went to Gurney to meet some of them for lunch.. after lunch, went to watch IceAge3 and after tat, went to play pool for a while before meeting everyone else in RedBox for dinner at night.. =) de pictures will explains de rest.. not all pictures are posted up here, de rest of de pictures will be uploaded up onto facebook soon.. so, enjoy!! ^^

check for de rest on facebook.. =)

finally ♥

FINALLY!!! back from holiday... after five weeks.. been to quite a number of places actually during this holiday.. met Eileen in Singapore before transitting back to Brunei, played badminton three times in a week, met friends in Brunei, eat eat n eat all food tat i missed in Brunei.. LOL.. after one week, I went to KL with my dad to attend DWTT training.. had the course at the Mines Wonderland for three days, and den went to Hatyai, Thailand with my dad again for 2days den back to Penang for about one week.. met HSC lecturers back in Inti, except for MrGoh who's busy and also some friends before I go back to Brunei...

AND AND, one SAD thing.. my camera actually cant on some days... haizzz... heart break.. but my lovely daddy bought a new one for me few dayz later.. yay!! but, i still miss my old camera, de old 960IS camera, which is now being repaired becoz something inside de camera is burnt and it costed B$150+ to repair it.. after back to Brunei, went to Limbang, Lawas n KK to meet my grandma and cousins before I leave.. I renewed my malaysia IC but is still not ready, so I'll only be able to collect it when I go back next trip..

left Brunei on 23rd July, met WeiRen in Singapore and we sat MRT out to CityHall den to Bugis before we go back Changi Airport.. didnt get to meet Eileen this time as she had lessons, SAD.. nvm, next trip we'll try to meet up.. =) i'll juz stop here, as i'll let de pictures explains de rest n will explain more with de pictures.. ^^

let's start with DWTT pictures.. on 2nd, 3rd, 4th July 2009..

Angel and I

with dad, and Dynasty's two bosses

my only teenagers friends..

i din have de group picture with me.. will upload once i got it from someone.. around 200+ ppl attended de course.. de next course will be in Kuching next week..

Monday, July 6, 2009
My birthday ♥

Thanks everyone for the wishes =) I feel so touched. And a big thank you to the guy who made my day more eventful. Am feeling loved. I also wanna thank those who gave me such wonderul gifts. So touched =') Let the pictures do the talking

Kuok gave me a Samsung P10. Hot pink tee-hee
And a bouquet of 19beautiful roses, sadly after taking pictures with them, they were left to wither.
Thank my mummy for my unique pink Fujitsu lappie =)
which comes with matching laptop casing and mouse, pretty~
Next up, love to thank my two cousins Connie and Fennie for the Roxy wallet *sigh* my 1st RoXy
AND this cute WaltDisney sling bag. Now I can go out looking like teen tho I'm soon gonna be out of it.
And not forgetting the ever important WanLu for the stuff below, hehe RoXy pencilcase and flip flops, a pair of magnetic earrings and a pink stationery set consisting of a pink stapler and 2highlighers plus the pretty pink casing. Me love it loadss, thank you
I feel so loved and pampered by these people. hehe, next are the gifts from some of those who attended the party.
Adrienne and WeiXiang(is it?) Taylor Swift's original FEARLESS album
Safwan and Farrah for being ever so thoughtful *pinkiee* hehe
Kelly, the other bday gal for the cute teddy
EJinQ for the pencil with a cute man-made box plus the Domino's

OK, now on to the real post filled with more words which might be a tad boring so will still try to fit in many many pictures for your pleasure and ease your eyesight. Kuok came over to my place at midnight 12am with a cake, damn sweet.
Me cutting bday cake happily, no need to be alone at home during bday hehe
Happy me with cake ^^ then I continue replying people's wishes HAHA
Had classes as usual for the morning then the gang surprised me and Kelly with a steamboat lunch. Before that, the door lock was stuck and it took some time to open it HAHA then it was time to enjoy yummy homecooked food.
Sausages, looks not so appetising but it tastes greatForgot to take picture of PeiYin's self made potato salad which was finished XD

After that we had desserts; cincau&the sorts
Group pic! But where did KahLian disappear to? Kelly left early with her friend. This picture was taken using my phone's timer. I look so tiny -.-"

At night, Kuok planned a house party for me with the help of BoonFeng and friends. There were loads of balloons all over the floor.
The food provided that day was KFC, Domino's and fried noodles. Poor Kuok running around serving people till he didn't even grab a bite =(
P109 gals
The group pic taken was blurry so yeaps, not gonna show it. Did the natural thing of singing song, wishing and cutting cake but didn't know that we were attacked by the snow spray after that! XD but after the cake cutting, Kelly and I were fooled to pick candles out of the cake while getting my head smashed in by LiTee. She came from Penang halfway through the party trying to surprise me HAHA but I kinda expected what happen hehe. That explains Kuok's unexplained temporary departure. Then back to the topic on where I was cake faced. So I splat her with cake and it ended with a cake fight. The poor delicious pandan cake was gone just like that; SPLAT on the walls and ceiling, even my shoes!! *sigh* it was fun, with all the adrenaline running BUT the cleaning was tough work. So unexpected, the cake was suppose to be eaten the traditional way.
Look at us two grannies, I think that we were treated 'brutally' not getting the special treatment we truly deserve XD ok just kidding
"To run or to hide?"
Took a group pics with my friends. Adrienne's hair all down while mine was up looking like a bald-o. But sadly, Kuok wasn't in the pics, so were the rest of the party planners.
After they left, Kuok and the party planners, LiTee and Adrienne stayed to clean up the place. The horror, we used half of the full large bottle of floor detergent and the floor still stink of cake and oil. After showering and smelling oh-so-good, took a finale picture.

Next day, bright day, bright eyed~ Ready to snap some proper pictures HAHA went to 1U with LiTee before she left for Penang.
me + 19lovely roses
me + darling LiTee(who looked like she dye her hair in this picture XD)
Me + the bag carrier(hehe don angry yea)
Toilet break, picture time!

And that ends this long post about how 30.06.09 was for me this year.